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Design for delight


The Sketch Manual Part 1: insights, tips, and a whole gamut of other resources for practitioners both new and old.

"Create a visual hierarchy that matches the user’s needs." - Whitney Hess

Siri + Shazam + Good Copywriting = Great UX


Mobile & Multi-Device Design – A new free book by Luke Wroblewski and team who share their lessons from building Polar. Available as an iBook (with videos) and PDF. Luke W also announces that Polar is joining Google, which follows his previous product Bagcheck being acquired by Twitter in 2011.  

Centre Stage Effect - when users have a choice, they prefer the one in the middle via Cognitive Lode

User research is key - go out there and ‘get amongst it’.

It doesn’t always have to be formal research (ethnography, contextual inquiries, focus groups, diary studies, etc). Don’t be afraid to go guerrilla and do informal research like intercept interviews, shopalongs, surrogate user research - whatever works but make sure you do some! 

6 New Rules of Marketing

Some sweet free vector icons!